16 Temmuz 2010 Cuma

8. class end

8. class at the end of the next event after the Mihriban me the itirfaı later I feel bad, but I was in love with the house falling in love with hen my mimkün someone without that person our class entered our guide ögretmenimiz original hanımdı.ama was far from how I should not know the days goes school closing would be the last year was my liseya baslıcaktım but how soylerdim my teacher I could fall in love with you the feelings in me of my days kararmıstı longer need this to blow the ship was the last time we had to make choices every high school would no longer tenefus 8 class bi student original instructor next to go and tercıhlerını they would guide teachers because they have help ederdı I calculated what day of me next gidecegimi and that day special I dressed private parfumi shook dıslerımı fırcaladım perfume I shook my nails sections my hair I washed my hair cektim ironed and clean sure I wear my shoes end up ettım sure. nıhayteınde prepared Been to school came tenefuste at me vagırttı and near gittim.kapıyı caldım Enter heard when I walked in but the chance yokmus that the content a teacher had more than say hello and I sat speak double teacher oooo hello adnan how you die asked fine tskkur Thank you nasılsınz die I asked them tskkur if they . They were both very loving little chat at me ettık recently spoke of the incident. l did not fight it so Mihriban editorial by professor asked you die on me, insulted the coach has no beat I said to him. In that moment we heard the ringing tone of the classroom teacher, and finally had to go with the original teachers were left alone. original teacher started to chat with you speak to him, but my teacher was like saying I did not use the word teacher kelmesini ıcımdekı feeling lost in a storm to storm, but he was scared. my age, but thoughts buyuktu kucuktu. gucluydu feelings ....

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