16 Temmuz 2010 Cuma

high school 1

Yes 8 they go to high school classes now for the first day I started high school I went to school my hair was long and a comfortable weight in my mind is jelly: =) ozamanlar oyledim cekiyordum cocuktuk but very beyeni. With long hair, because of my head was like wood. but the long-obvious is not therefore the teacher with the problem cıkmıodu so adept pimp school in front of me, my hair attitude you so Jole nor whether my hair stroked until it was just like my hair to the bottom of one introduction was such a painful to me. "Do not hurt my teacher" I did not listen, "It hurts my teacher anlamıyormusunuz" I said again, still did not understand. I've got his arm bitten die bagırdı God. Do you understand how painful something my teacher slapped oldgunu dedimde. Today the school's first such act gunuydu I broke my spirits. Now, when his teacher seemed oldurecekmisim visual beating. physical education teacher and coach, adept dedigim We really Output class jobs are even worse if it was me, I takmıs him. Days geciyordu torment each other. aacılalı a month coming, and was a school girl arkdasım. girls girls go bad in school so dolasmazdım proper person did not know his daughter arkdasım oldugunu (hope) the other name is a beautiful girl ammavelakin.cok a beautiful girl in school so attached was the school cıkıslarında child dovmekten arms agrıyordu almost every day such was going a month CIV in around Boyle gone, and everyone learned the we are lovers. We would sit up no longer in school together. Mahir weeks I still had the physical education classes and teacher enters the classroom teacher at the same time it came to exam week instead of the religious teacher. bedeb training course and instructor beklıyorduk girls dressed men. karsısında girls, download them on the bench we were sitting on the bench. Mahir haze had met her next to the first before the dierleriyle talked and then my girlfriend in my Behind hugged wishes then the bench oturyordu girl listening exam Worked you die while asking hands goguslerine touched it gorunce crazy Frozen local bowls I've ever seen like the teacher on top of the costume that understand until you move, teacher's on top yapıstırdım. o.cocugu fainted. Does the room after you've entered is ali k. .. was a teacher die
. He asked what happened to you how a teacher, draft hit you you school life complete I, etc. with the words me susturmya studying but my nerves I still yatısmamıstı Manager What you said does not matter, was hearing already and soon adept teacher came me gorunce me to attack Worked. Threats did not slam the koppardım etmedigim bğtğn school for everybody was listening to me Everybody gathered to watch us, they Manager-room corridor. Does your family cagırcam you've finished here, you, the education of school life bitrcem attırcam said. Suskunlugumu against directors broke now. You can take me from my teacher training this school bitirebilrisiniz my life but I'll take your profit in your sub ikinizinde. If you are adept and visually where teachers know what yaptggını olabileceginiz even imagine what you two skilled instructors will be edemessiniz mission sinks, locked away in prison from abuse, child abuse, twill, creating what they hear on TV every day. erkekliginden be first off Hadim after their wives do, "I said. Mu is a surprise to listen to me and you nediyorsun said Boyle. Mahir teacher lies soyla Do you have guys hollow of it was saying. my teacher said to exorcise its okay to talk over you who kovulacagı arise said. Mu is the e Sir, you are me Thoroughly anladınızmı 17-year-old daughter harass was adept teacher I know said, and sacmalama such thing happens mentor to the libel to throw utanmıyormusun said. But my teacher said I wish the cagıralım said cagırttırdım wish then came what happened to my daughter die asked, is it helpful, but alone here soyleceklerin unfounded cıkarsa you burn it you know twill die asked. Mahir teacher from there is it, guys of course, lies soyla and're gonna tell she mourning the slightest what they did not know they said. you or you buyukte what happened teacher olmusta what was said, you people olamamıssınız said Mu completes Wish you talk girl said my teacher adnan What about if the right she said I can not explain I'm ashamed he said. tell her I babn is a student considered you said is it. Hope told is it in their ears could not believe. another witness Is die asked subject instructor, my arkdaslarımda were there said they sees Hope's arkdaslarıda there they sees I said. Call them up too said they arrived. and all of them individually asked. one by one, the room was and told made. all gorduklerini told. us at the door beklettı and at that time the police arrived adept pustunu receive are goturduler. imprisonment beklıyordum for him, but better known in the east had given so much after the event. such a system We now live nediyelim.

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